Improper Loading of Cargo

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One of the most common causes of truck accidents is the improper loading of cargo. In an effort to help maintain the safety and durability of the nation's roads, the Department of Transportation (DOT) has put in place several strict guidelines regarding the amount of cargo that a truck can safely carry.

Despite these regulations, truck drivers have sometimes been known to overload or loosely secure their cargo in order to meet their quotas or save time, causing accidents in the process. If you have been harmed in a collision with an improperly loaded truck, a Modesto truck accident attorney from the Law Offices of Steven A. Fabbro can assist you with filing a personal injury claim and advocate for the maximum amount of compensation on your behalf.

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Effects of Improper Cargo Loading Practices

A variety of issues can result if a truck's payload is not properly loaded. If a truck's freight causes it to exceed the federal maximum of 80,000 pounds without an oversize or overweight permit, it can greatly hinder the truck's handling and increase the distance needed to come to a complete stop. Under-loading can also hinder a truck's ability to maintain balance.

Half-filled liquid tanks can cause liquid to slosh around in the cargo area, throwing off the vehicle's center of balance in transit. This is especially dangerous when trucks are transporting hazardous materials such as:

  • Caustic chemicals
  • Gasoline
  • Flammable liquids

Insufficiently secured cargo on flatbeds can also shift on the roads and potentially come loose, striking nearby vehicles and pedestrians.

Improper cargo loading can cause the following:

  • Rear-end collisions
  • Accidents caused by loose debris on the road
  • Rollover accidents
  • Sideswipe accidents

Violating safe cargo loading procedures is a form of truck driver negligence and can cause a driver and their employer to be held liable for any damages they may cause in the event of an accident. Victims of collisions with improperly loaded trucks may be entitled to recover compensation in court for losses related to medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, and damaged property.

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