Single vs. Multi-Vehicle Accidents in Modesto

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California is one of the most dangerous states for drivers and vehicle occupants. It is reported that in a recent year, over 3,000 fatalities took place on the streets and highways within our state borders. Car accidents are the leading cause of accidental death for those under the age of 34; any time you venture out in a vehicle, you are at risk of injury or death if a negligent driver is sharing the road. Single- and multi-vehicle accidents are equally dangerous. Tragically, many fatal accidents involve a driver under the influence of alcohol. 30% of all accidents that took place in our state that year were alcohol-related. In 2010, a drunk driver caused 3 out of 12 fatal accidents in Modesto.

Single- & Multi-Vehicle Auto Accidents in Modesto

California is known for having heavy traffic, foggy conditions and high numbers of speeding or reckless drivers, as well as drunk or distracted drivers. This contributes greatly to the amount of car accidents that take place every year.

Accidents on highways can take place in an instant, with deadly results for innocent drivers and their passengers. Many are not able to react quickly enough to avoid hitting other vehicles. The more vehicles involved in an accident, the more likely it is that serious injuries will take place.

Primary causes of multi-vehicle accidents:

  • Drinking & Driving
  • Driving While Texting
  • Aggressive Driving

Primary causes of single-vehicle accidents:

  • Unsafe Roadways
  • Car Defects
  • Bad Weather

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