Fabbro Obtains $8.5M Settlement in Wrongful Death Case

Fabbro Obtains $8.5M Settlement in Wrongful Death Case

The legal team at the Law Offices of Steven A. Fabbro is proud to announce that Lead Attorney Steven Fabbro was recently successful in securing an $8.5 million settlement on behalf of the widow and child of an Oakdale police officer who was killed in a tragic truck accident last year. The settlement is one of the largest for a single wrongful death case in Stanislaus County's history. The victim, P.K., had been driving to work on Highway 132 when he was struck from behind by a Gold Star Food Inc. truck. The truck driver, J.H., had been driving for nearly 23 hours with only 4.5 hours of rest—which is why he is now facing charges for violating federal trucking regulations.

J.H. has also been charged with vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence, which is a felony that could land him in California state prison if he is convicted. According to Fabbro, the defendant had falsified his driving logs to make it appear as if he was in compliance with the law; however, the GPS system from the Gold Star Food Inc. truck showed a different story. It was discovered that J.H. had been driving at times that he was reportedly "resting," which is why he ultimately lost control of his vehicle. "It was a clear case of driver fatigue," says Fabbro. The driver did not even make an attempt to stop or slow down until he was just 100 feet away from the victim's car.

Fortunately, the wrongful death case was favorably resolved when the truck driver's employer offered the victim's family an $8.5 million settlement just nine days before the jury trial was set to begin. "Paul's widow and child deserved it," stated Fabbro. If you too have lost a loved one to someone else's reckless, careless or otherwise negligent behavior, you should not hesitate to pursue similar compensation. While you may not be able to bring back the life that was lost, a Modesto personal injury lawyer from the Law Offices of Steven A. Fabbro can help you seek justice on your loved one's behalf. Call our firm today at (209) 803-5117 to learn more through a free initial consultation.

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