How to Spot Signs of Financial Elder Abuse

How to Spot Signs of Financial Elder Abuse

Every year, hundreds of thousands of nursing home residents, and individuals who require long-term care, are subjected to some type of physical, emotional, mental or financial abuse. Many of these people are entirely unaware they are being victimized. To make matters worse, it is not uncommon for certain types of elder abuse to be caused by someone the victim loves and trusts.

Financial elder abuse is not always as visible as physical abuse, yet it is a heinous crime which is capable of causing long-term devastation and heartache. A victim could be robbed of his or her savings and left without the necessary means to continue receiving the appropriate level of care. Being able to spot the warning signs of elder abuse is not always easily done. If you suspect your loved one has fallen victim to financial elder abuse, it is important that you are able to recognize the signs.

Some common signs that your loved one may be the victim of elder abuse are as follows:

  • His or her bills are not being paid on time, despite available resources
  • Bank accounts show unusual activity that could not have been done by your loved one
  • Purchases are being made for items / services your loved one does not or cannot use
  • Your loved ones belongings have started going missing and are unable to be found
  • Changes have been made or requested to the terms of your loved one's will
  • Your loved one seems reluctant to speak in front of a family member or caregiver
  • The level of care your loved one is receiving is far below what he or she can afford
  • Property and other assets are being sold without authorization
  • Your loved one has been told he or she needs to sign over Power of Attorney
  • Your loved one is receiving offers of "free" meals and items from unknown parties
  • You find documents on which it appears your loved one's signature has been forged
  • You loved one is being promised specialized care in exchange for more money

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