How Do I Know if I've Suffered Damages?

How Do I Know if I've Suffered Damages?

If you have been involved in an accident, you may have the right to file a claim or pursue legal action against the responsible party if it can be proven he or she is responsible for causing you to suffer damages. "Damages" is a term which can be used to describe the physical, emotional, mental or financial pain and suffering of an accident victim. Damages can also be used to describe the amount of money or the assigned value of a victim's injuries and other losses. In cases where an individual's accident-related injuries require medical attention, physical therapy, time away from work, in addition to pain and suffering, he or she has suffered damages from the accident.

Property loss is another type of damage for which an individual can seek compensation. If the liable party has acted in a violent or malicious way, a judge may award exemplary damages to act as a form of punishment and deterrent against similar behavior being committed in the future. Proving liability in a personal injury case is a necessity for those who want to have any chance of recovering maximum damages for their injuries. Our unrelenting commitment to protecting our clients' interests and our unique ability to prove liability has enabled us to recover hundreds of millions in verdicts and settlements.

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