Winter Driving Safety Tips

Winter Driving Safety Tips

Winter weather may be beautiful, but adds a number of challenges to the road that can be difficult for inexperienced drivers to handle. When you combine the winter weather with the added stress of holiday traffic and vacationers, it’s easy to see why car accidents spike in frequency during this time. This makes preparation and safety while driving crucial to an enjoyable and injury-free holiday. Here are a few tips for avoiding an injury while driving this winter.

Prepare Your Vehicle

San Francisco doesn’t see a ton of snow, but roads still get slippery during winter rains, which means it’s important to maintain and inspect your vehicle. Check your tire tread to make sure it’s not below safe operating standards, and replace old, worn out tires if they seem low. Not having enough tread on your tires is extremely dangerous, and could cause you to lose traction and hydroplane out of control. Top up all your important fluids, including your coolant and windshield wiper fluid. And finally, replace your wiper blades with fresh ones that can help keep your windshield clear.

If you plan on traveling to the snow, make sure you buy a set of chains that fits your car and keep them with you for when you need to install them. Many roads in the mountain resorts, such as Mount Shasta or Lake Tahoe, require chains for travel, so make sure you have a set that is in good condition.

Drive According to the Conditions

When the weather is fair and visibility is good, you can drive like normal without issue. However, in wet weather or limited visibility, slow down and increase your following distance. You want to give yourself as much of an ability to react and stop suddenly as possible. Be particularly careful on bridges and overpasses, as these tend to be the first areas to become really slippery during winter weather. Be sure to always turn your headlights on if visibility is reduced or rain begins to fall in order to allow other drivers to see you easier. Finally, if you are driving slower than the flow of traffic, make sure you drive as far to the right as possible in order to allow faster cars to pass you safely on the left.

Anticipate Increased Traffic

Traffic is always heavier around the winter holidays due to people venturing out for vacation or to visit loved ones, much as you are. Expect roads to be more crowded, which can increase your chances of an accident, and even more so if winter weather is also slowing the roads. Be sure to know what is going on around you at all times by constantly scanning your mirrors. Be alert for any drivers who may be intoxicated or otherwise inhibited in any way and stay as far away from them as possible.

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