IVC Filter Injury Lawsuits

IVC Filter Injury Lawsuits

What Is an IVC Filter?

An IVC filter is a small device designed to capture and hold on to blood clots before they can enter the lungs. These tiny strainers that look somewhat like an egg whisk are implanted into the vein of a patient near one of these critical organs and stop blood clots before they can seriously harm someone.

However, despite their success in trials, some models of these IVF filters were prone to faults, resulting in their failure and even breaking apart and migrating to other parts of the body, causing other complications such as:

  • Punctured veins
  • Perforated organs
  • And more

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IVC Device Lawsuits

Back in 2012, the first patients who suffered complications from IVF devices made by a company called C.R. Bard filed a lawsuit. In 2013, more were filed against a second company, Cook Medical.

By August 2015, more than 50 lawsuits were outstanding against Bard. Today, three major companies have seen at least one IVC filter recalled: Bard, Cook, and Boston Scientific. The cases against Bard and Cook combined are estimated to number more than 1,600.

IVC Filter Negligence

Those who have filed suits against these three companies claim that they were negligent in their care for consumers. Let’s take a look at how.

Failure To Warn of the Risks

Claimants have argued that these companies failed to warn consumers of the risks associated with a malfunctioning or defective product. One such case included a patient who had one of the small legs of the filter perforate his heart, requiring open-heart surgery and a lengthy recovery period.

Releasing a Faulty Product

Despite medical testing which showed these devices could be successful in their intention, data regarding the risks and faults were no doubt apparent to their manufacturers, who insisted on releasing them to the market anyway. This would make them liable for the complications the IVC filters cause.

Manufacturing Defects

Many of these filters were created in a way that left them prone to breaking due to poor quality control, poor manufacturing techniques, and many other possible problems. The manufacturers knew of these issues and still continued to release their products anyway, demonstrating negligence and a lack of regard for patient safety.

Impact on You

Have you or a loved one experienced a major complication from an IVC filter, particularly one from one of the companies mentioned here? You should speak with an attorney immediately because you are most likely eligible to receive compensation for your injury.

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